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Reasons for moving forward with an uncontested divorce

Television shows often portray divorce as a bitter battle between two spouses who cannot stand to even be in the same room with each other. This situation certainly does exist, but that does not mean it is the only reality for divorcing couples.

Protect your future with a prenuptial agreement

Planning a wedding is an exciting time, but there is more to preparing for marriage than meets the eye. Many New Jersey couples take care to plan an amazing wedding and prepare for life together, but few remember or see the necessity of protecting their futures with a prenuptial agreement.

Should I consider divorce mediation?

The process of divorce can admittedly be stressful not only emotionally but also financially. In many situations, couples who are getting divorced resort to litigation to resolve their disputes. Unfortunately, the judge presiding over a divorce case may end up making decisions that are not personally favorable for one or both parties. This is why divorce mediation is growing in popularity in the United States, including in New Jersey.

Finding A Better Way To Divorce

When you hear the word divorce, do images of warring spouses and contentious courtroom battles come to mind? Unfortunately, today these types of scenarios are readily associated with the divorce process. In reality, however, many divorcing couples share the common goals of resolving divorce-related issues in a civil, timely and cost-efficient manner.


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