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Steps to take and avoid during the marital dissolution process

The divorce process is inherently complicated, both emotionally and financially. This is true whether you have been married five years or 50 years. It is also true no matter how many or few assets you and your spouse have.

Even in the best divorce situation, tempers can quickly run high, with every decision becoming more trying than the previous one. However, the decisions made have long-lasting impacts, so it is critical that you strive to make your decisions based on logic versus emotion. A few tips can help you with making the best decisions during the marital dissolution process in New Jersey.

What to do

When going through divorce, being reasonable and cooperative with your ex is paramount for achieving easier and quicker results. Supporting your children through the split-up process is also critical, because just as the dissolution of a marriage is tough on the parents, it is also tough on the children.

Fully disclosing property and assets is important as well, which includes not giving your assets to family members in an effort to keep them from having to be divided during your divorce proceeding. After all, a divorce court may throw out any divorce decree created on the basis of financial deception. As a result, you and your spouse may wind up going back to court, even several years after you had finalized your divorce.

What to avoid

One common mistake during the divorce process is losing your cool. Lashing out at the children or your future ex-spouse only makes matters worse, so avoiding this is paramount no matter how infuriated you may feel at a given time.

Another mistake that some spouses make when getting divorced is that they make plans to accept jobs in other states or decide to move to different countries until their divorce proceedings are over. This decision may end up interfering with the finalizing of the divorce.

How can an attorney help?

Even though getting divorced can be complex, an attorney in New Jersey can guide you through each step of the process. If you and your ex are willing to try to find common ground, going through divorce mediation may be a helpful alternative to going to trial. An attorney will work to make sure that your best interests are protected at each step of this type of family law proceeding.