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A trio of possible divorce-related fears

Divorce can be a life-shattering event. A once-happy marriage comes to an end, bringing uncertainty to a once-certain destiny. With that ambiguity comes the fear of a future no longer set in stone.

While divorce statistics reveal a decline in filings, countless spouses find themselves wondering what is next in their lives. Whether a divorce is cooperative or contentious, the common denominator and prominent emotion is fear, which can take the form of the following:


The innocent victims of divorce are kids. Most parents concern themselves with the notion that they are doing irreparable damage to their offspring and fear alienating them. How will they cope? How will they deal with classmates and close friends who find out about the separation? Parents wonder if they’ll take sides against them, amping up the contentious atmosphere. They worry about the reduced time that they have with them. Annual celebrations will never be the same.

Financial health

One household becomes two when divorce occurs. Fears of the unknown, mainly financial insecurity, take over, starting with the cost of ending a marriage. A spouse may feel that hard work that resulted in a beautiful home or successful business now puts that success in danger. The stay-at-home spouse taking care of children may now have to find a job, taking away time with their kids.

Identity crises

While divorce rates remain within forty to fifty percent, most, if not all, of the circle of friends may still be married. Being the “odd one out” is never a good position to be in. Some may point fingers, placing blame on a now-former friend. Others who believe that marriage is forever could cut off a longtime friend, claiming they should have tried harder to stay in the union.

While emotions run high, divorce still requires specific legal steps free of the drama surrounding your current situation. Having an attorney at your side, looking out for your best interests, is a vital alliance to secure your future.