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Reasons for moving forward with an uncontested divorce

Television shows often portray divorce as a bitter battle between two spouses who cannot stand to even be in the same room with each other. This situation certainly does exist, but that does not mean it is the only reality for divorcing couples.

In some cases, couples in New Jersey are able to agree on the matters surrounding their marital split-up. If you and your spouse find yourself in this situation, you may benefit from an uncontested divorce filing.  


Sometimes complex marital split-ups do not fall within the state’s parameters for an uncontested divorce. However, this type of divorce is available to you and your spouse if you do not have any disagreements remaining concerning the most common divorce issues: spousal support, child custody and property division.

Similar to a contested divorce, one that is uncontested starts with one spouse’s filing for divorce. These types of divorces typically feature streamlined paperwork and a statement concerning the grounds for the split-up. The paperwork includes information regarding child custody and property division.

If the spouse who did not file for the divorce agrees to pursue an uncontested divorce, or if he or she does not make a court appearance, the court can go ahead and grant the divorce.


The main advantage of an uncontested divorce has to do with the financial savings you can expect to experience. The uncontested divorce process is more streamlined than that of a contested divorce, which ultimately translates into lower court costs. Also, uncontested divorces often allow couples to get their divorces granted much more quickly, which means these couples can more rapidly move on with their individual lives.

This type of divorce typically also features less conflict because there are simply fewer chances for conflicts to crop up. You and your spouse will generally make fewer demands for information, and there are not as many proceedings for resolving elements of the marital dissolution about which you and your spouse are disputing.

Yet another advantage of uncontested divorces is that not as much information is filed for inclusion in the public records at the courthouse. Thus, your divorce-related affairs are not as publicized as they are in a contested divorce. You can simply focus on attaining a result that will be in your personal best interest in the long run following the marital split-up.