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What to look for in a divorce or custody mediator

Not every divorce or custody dispute has to cost you a ton of money or a ton of time in court. On the contrary, many New Jersey families are finding ways to dissolve their marriages or navigate custody-related challenges by working with mediators, rather than engaging in litigation.

While working with a mediator may save you time and money and keep your family matter more private, your divorce or custody mediation may prove more successful if you do your homework before selecting a mediator. When doing so, be on the lookout for someone that has the following.

Relevant experience

Just as a high-conflict divorce might merit working with someone with extensive knowledge in this area, mediation works well when the mediator has considerable experience in mediating family matters.

Relevant training

When you seek out a family law mediator, it may benefit you to find someone who has not only substantial knowledge of New Jersey divorce and custody laws but also substantial knowledge of effective alternative dispute resolution techniques.


The role of the mediator is to “mediate,” or serve as a go-between that gives you and the other party a neutral perspective on how to navigate your divorce or custody matter. This requires the mediator to be completely free from bias.

Just as not every divorce or custody matter is an appropriate fit for mediation, not every mediator is an appropriate fit for every family. However, finding an impartial mediator with appropriate knowledge and training may give you your strongest chance at a successful resolution.