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Do not compromise on these points when creating a parenting plan

Reaching a fair settlement in divorce is all about compromise, as is the process of creating a functional parenting plan with your ex-spouse. Even so, there are times when compromising does more harm than good.

Your parenting plan should be as accommodating as possible to the best interests of you, your co-parent and of course your child. Before submitting your finalized plan to the New Jersey Courts, it is important to ensure that you are not agreeing to any one-sided compromises that favor the other party more than yourself.

Your rights

Regardless of who the custodial parent is in your custody arrangement, you have the right to spend a fair amount of time with your child. Do not let your co-parent bully you into an unfavorable dynamic when it clearly does not serve your child’s best interests.

Your schedule

It is likely that both parents will have to make changes to their daily lives, routines and schedules to accommodate a fair and equal parenting time arrangement. If it seems as if you are the only one compromising on your schedule, however, you should advocate for a more balanced parenting plan.

Your child’s happiness

Too many parents make the mistake of prioritizing their own needs or trying to “win” the custodial “battle.” Your child’s best interests should be the main concern that both you and your co-parent focus on the most, so avoid making an arrangement that might make your child uncomfortable or unhappy.

Contrary to the name, a parenting plan is not all about the parents. It is about accounting for the needs of the child while also keeping things fair for the whole family.