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3 photos to take after a slip-and-fall injury

Most stores have tile or polished concrete floors that are easy to clean. When water or spilled liquids accumulate on these floors, though, they become a slip-and-fall hazard. Regrettably, about 20% of falls result in a serious injury. 

If you sustain an injury in a slip-and-fall accident, you must take steps to document the matter. In addition to reporting the incident, you may want to take some photographs. Here are three types of photos that may help you recover financial compensation for your injuries. 

1. The accident scene

If you plan to seek compensation for your slip-and-fall injury, you may need to assign blame to someone. Therefore, provided you can do so safely, you should take some photos of the accident scene, including the hazard that caused you to slip. 

2. Your initial injuries

Medical records describe injuries in a scientific way. These records may not mean much to a layperson who sits on a jury, though. Consequently, you should take injury photographs immediately after your fall. When you do, be sure to capture all parts of the injury. Then, continue to snap photos as your symptoms worsen. 

3. Your recovery process

Sometimes, photographs of initial injuries paint a grossly incomplete picture of your physical well-being. Accordingly, continue to take photos of your injuries throughout your recovery process. Photographic evidence of hospital stays, medical devices, home modifications and other recovery-related details usually have tremendous value. 

While your recovery process may seem to last forever, you can likely pursue compensation from the responsible person who contributed to your injuries. Snapping the right photographs may be integral in obtaining what you deserve.