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Child Custody: Protect Your Parent-Child Relationship

While many local courts tend to support 50/50 custody arrangements, there is no such law currently in effect in New Jersey. Under current law, any custody arrangement must serve the best interests of the child. The rights of the parents should not be forgotten, however, and it is important that you have an experienced South Jersey child custody lawyer with the ability to protect them.

The attorneys at the law firm of Patricia Ronayne, Esquire, P.C., represent parents across South Jersey in a variety of complex child custody matters, including relocation issues. We understand how important it is for you to have a meaningful relationship with your child following a divorce, and we are committed to seeing that you receive it.

Helping You Get The Parenting Time You Deserve

Divorcing parents are strongly encouraged to reach agreement on parenting time on their own whenever possible. If any child custody issues cannot be resolved independently, the court will frequently order mediation through your local county program to resolve them. We are familiar with the various county programs and the nuances in each court. We help you through the entire process and do everything we can to ensure a positive result.

If mediation fails to produce the results you were expecting, we are prepared to argue your case in court. We formulate the strongest possible argument to show that your plan would best serve your child’s interests and fight to get you the full level of access that you want and the relationship with your child that you both deserve.


We also represent clients in reunification matters. We work with a respected expert in these cases, and reunification therapy is covered under many health insurance plans. When a parent has been alienated from a child, or parent and child have become estranged for any reason, we work with the court system to obtain the necessary orders to get them into reunification therapy. This process, when successful, can re-establish the relationship that was lost and bring the parent and child back together.

Contact Patricia Ronayne, Esquire, P.C. | Lawyers Who Know What It Takes To Protect Your Parent-Child Relationship

To discuss your child custody matter with one of our attorneys, reach out to our Mount Laurel law office by phone at 856-291-0335 to schedule an appointment. We offer early morning appointments for your convenience.

From our office in Mount Laurel, we routinely work with clients throughout New Jersey in Camden, Burlington and Gloucester counties.