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Domestic Violence: Representation For Victims As Well As The Accused

At the law firm of Patricia Ronayne, Esquire, P.C., our divorce and family law attorneys provide strong representation to clients throughout South Jersey. Whether you are a victim of domestic violence or an alleged abuser, we have the experience and the skill to protect your rights.

Representation For Victims

If you are a victim of domestic abuse of any kind, including physical battery or verbal or emotional abuse, we can help you get the protection you need. We can help you obtain a temporary restraining order (TRO) that forbids your abuser from having any contact with you or your children. We can also petition the court to award temporary financial support, if necessary.

Within 10 days, a hearing will be held to determine if the order should be made permanent and converted to a final restraining order (FRO). We will be there to represent you at the hearing and work to obtain a solution that is most beneficial for you and your children. We are sensitive to the damage an FRO can do to a relationship, particularly a parent’s relationship with his or her children. We work closely with you to find a solution that serves everyone’s best interests.

Representation For Alleged Abusers

If you have been accused of domestic violence, our attorneys work diligently to minimize the impact of any restraining orders. If you are under a no-contact order, we will work to protect your custody and visitation rights so you can see your children. Many people accused of domestic violence are not aware that they can have a permanent criminal record, lose their right to possess a firearm and other consequences if they are convicted.

We present the strongest possible argument to defend your case and do everything in our power to avoid a FRO being issued against you. We work to recover any weapons you may have been forced to forfeit because of a FRO.

Call Our Team At Patricia Ronayne, Esquire, P.C., For Responsive Representation

Call our office in Mount Laurel to discuss your domestic violence case with one of our lawyers. You can reach us by phone at 856-291-0335 to schedule an appointment. We help people in Burlington, Gloucester and Camden counties and throughout New Jersey. We offer early morning appointments for your convenience.