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Helping Parents Understand Child Support Laws In New Jersey

Child support is determined by New Jersey statutory guidelines that take several key factors into account, including the number of children and the income levels of both parents. The court will deviate from the guidelines in some cases, but a strong argument must be made for it to do so.

Our team of lawyers at the law firm of Patricia Ronayne, Esquire, P.C., have represented clients in all types of complex child support matters, with a particular level of skill in cases involving high-income and high net worth parents. We are committed to pursuing every available option in an effort to see that your child receives the maximum level of child support available.

Experienced Camden County Support Order Enforcement Lawyer

We provide comprehensive representation in all aspects of child support and other family law matters. We work to ensure that all eligible income is accounted for and that accurate figures are used in calculating support. When appropriate, we enlist the help of forensic accountants so that we have an accurate financial picture. We also work to ensure that issues like children’s health insurance and day care payments are considered.

We also represent clients in child support enforcement and modification actions. If your former spouse has stopped making his or her court-ordered payments, we can help you petition the court for help enforcing the order. If there has been a substantial change in circumstances for you or your spouse or a child has reached the age of majority, we will review your case to determine if a request for modification of the order is appropriate.

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Contact our office in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, to discuss your child custody matter with one of our attorneys. You can reach us by phone at 856-291-0335 to schedule an appointment. We offer early morning appointments for your convenience. Our attorneys routinely work with clients throughout New Jersey in Camden, Burlington and Gloucester counties.