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Dog Bites And Animal Attacks: Helping Victims Pursue And Recover Compensation

Our attorneys at the law offices of Patricia Ronayne, Esquire, P.C., provide the victims of dog bites and other animal attacks with the support and representation they need to properly deal with their injuries, recover compensation and start moving forward with their lives. Whether you were bitten by a neighbor’s dog that escaped from a yard with a dilapidated fence, your young son or daughter was attacked by a dog that was off its leash at the park, or you were attacked by a dog while a guest in someone else’s home, we will step in, get you in touch with the appropriate medical professionals, and help you pursue a claim to hold the pet owner accountable and get the compensation you need.

It’s important to act quickly after an animal attack to check for rabies and to ensure the same animal doesn’t attack others. When you reach out to us, we will outline all your options while guiding you throughout the process.

Dog Bite Injuries Can Have Lasting Repercussions

As mentioned, rabies and other serious health issues factor into dog bites and animal attacks. Furthermore, the effects of a dog bite or mauling often go beyond physical scarring or disfigurement — although these injuries can be especially severe. Oftentimes, the victims of these incidents suffer from serious psychological issues, including post-traumatic stress, anxiety and depression.

Our attorneys understand the complex nature of these cases and the relevant laws in New Jersey. We carry out investigations, work with medical professionals — including psychologists or psychiatrists who can properly diagnose any cognitive issues — and ultimately help you and your family re-establish some sense of normalcy in your lives. We can also work with care providers who can help with cosmetic surgeries and other procedures to manage physical scarring.

As your representatives, we will explain New Jersey’s strict liability laws and offer a clear, honest assessment of your potential claim. We will also outline all your options for pursuing compensation, including medical expenses, loss of income, pain and suffering, as well as costs associated with future cosmetic surgeries or other procedures.

Your claim not only helps you, but it may also help prevent future attacks by a dangerous animal who is being improperly cared for by a negligent pet owner.

Learn More During A Free Personal Injury Consultation

Contact our Mount Laurel law office to discuss your injuries sustained from dog bites or another type of animal attack. You can reach us by phone at 856-291-0335 to schedule a free personal injury consultation. Injury claims are handled on contingency, meaning you do not have to pay attorney fees unless we win compensation on your behalf.

We routinely work with South Jersey clients in Gloucester, Camden and Burlington counties. Additionally, we are happy to make arrangements to meet with you if you are unable to come into our office.